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Educational, Corporate, Mobile & In-Home Phlebotomy Services


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Mobile Drug Testing & Home Blood Collection in Alabama

Enjoy the convenience of mobile drug testing and home blood collection in Alabama. You could say that providing exceptional and convenient phlebotomy services is in our blood. Make things easier on yourself by contacting us today.

In-Home Blood Collection

Universal Medical Training Services comes to your home to collect blood with a doctor's order. We offer routine in-home collections as well as stat labs when the results are needed right away. Our friendly and experienced professionals know how to set you at ease while we draw your blood. In addition to in-home services, we also provide:

• Blood Collections for Health Fairs

• Specimen Transporting 

• Pre-Employment Drug Testing

• Chain of Custody Drug Testing

• Mobile Chain of Custody Drug Testing

• Paramedical Insurance Examinations 


Home Care Staffing

Take care of your loved ones with help from our Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs). Whether they are in their homes, an assisted living facility, or in the hospital, we go out of our way to manage their medical needs. We also help with personal care issues and are an advocate for your loved ones when they need extra assistance.  UMTS provides staffing availability from 2 - 24 hours every day.  We invite you to learn more about our unique and expert services. 

In Home Assistance
Medical Health Monitoring
Social, Cultural & Educational Activities

•Nutritional Meal Planning

•Blood pressure monitoring •Day-Planning
•Personal essentials •Blood Glucose monitoring •Healthy Lifestyle Promotion
•Companionship •Licensed Professionals

•Local Community Events



Phlebotomy Services On-Demand

Universal Medical Training Services can place a phlebotomist in your doctor's office for temporary assignment. If your regular nurse or phlebotomist is unavailable, we can be there for you. We also provide training for your medical staff to keep them current on the latest equipment and enhance their skills as well.

National Certifications put you in demand!

An aging “Boomer” population in the U.S. has lead to increased demand for skilled health care professionals.  Becoming a “Certified” Phlebotomist will put you in demand.  Your professional certification will become your gateway to a world of opportunity in a field that desperately needs skilled professionals right now more than ever!

If you are looking to work in a satisfying profession, help members of your community and take yourself to new heights...your journey starts here!

We are Universal Medical Training Services (UMTS), founded by innovative leaders in the medical profession that came together in order to help contribute substantially to the future of Patient Care Technicians, Phlebotomy Technicians and Medical Laboratory Assistants all over the nation.  

UMTS courses are ONLINE!


Certified Phlebotomy Technician

Certified Nurse Aide

Patient Care Technician

Medical Laboratory Assistant


• Online component Programs
• Phlebotomy

• EKG technician
• Office administration
• Basic life support
• Laboratory Technician
• Blood draw, Blood work & Blood Screening
• All wrapped up in one!
• Get in demand!
• You can becom certified in as little as three months!





Advanced Computer Training

• Computer Boot Camp for beginners

• Cyber Learning Center for all ages
•  Math, Algebra, Number Systems plus Basics Review!
•    Adult workshops (Seniors Included)
•  Learn the digital skills that will impress hiring managers!



 Nurse, Mobile Drug Testing, Home Blood Collection

Utilize UMTS programs when your busy schedule doesn't allow you to provide the added care and attention that your loved ones require...let our caring and qualified staff help you today!









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UMTS works with Insurance Companies and their clients to provide accurate and timely medical information needed to issue your requested policy.

We provide Insurance agents with paramedical services in the State of Alabama. Mobile Insurance Examination Services include:

•Confidential drug testing

•APS - Applications Process Services

•Background Checks

•Specimen Collections

•Physical Examinations

Flexibility is a tenet of our business model. Contact us for more information.


Mobile Phlebotomy Services Outreach

UMTS Mobile Medical Services are deployed to expand community outreach among rural and urban medical facilities. We are working hard to tailor our services to the specific needs of our communities to which we serve. 



            Core County Coverage Map for Alabama          Alabama State Seal
  • Jefferson County
  • Tuscaloosa County
  • Greene County
  • Hale County
  • Sumter County
  • Marengo County


Professional, Flexible, Personal Services

Mobile Solutions Patient Service Center Tools of the Trade...

White Transport Van

Venipuncture is the most common and widely implemented technique used to measure blood and its elements.  The primary function of a phlebotomist is the extraction and evaluation of blood.  Today’s technology makes blood evaluation easier than ever.  A phlebotomist must manage all facets of the extraction, processing and transport of a sample.  A vial of blood is useless with respect to processing if you are unable to determine its origin.  That makes a trained phlebotomist more important that ever.  Although today’s trained laboratory technician has a wide array of modern equipment at disposal, nothing will replace the ethic of a disciplined Laboratory professional.

Laboratory Drawing Station

A dedicated workstation where the Phlebotomist actually conducts the blood “draw”.   Although “draw” stations vary in size and shape, the function remains that same.  Patients should be comfortable and easily accessible to the Phlebotomist during the entire procedure.   There are even chairs specifically designed to accommodate children and those of us who tend to faint at the sight of blood.

Networked Specimen Analyzer

A solid inventory or “snapshot”, is a crucial component to any laboratory.  From tools to disposal to test equipment, an accurate inventory bolsters planning and deployment.  A Phlebotomist focuses on cleanliness, accuracy, patient comfort and having everything that will be needed at an arm’s reach.  Inventory management is everyone’s job.  Tools of the trade include gloves, bandages, needles, antiseptics, tourniquets, disposal containers for bio-hazards and even vein “locating” devices.  Most inventory items have a shelf life.  Maintaining visibility of dates of expiration and a policy of properly rotating inventory cannot be overstated.


Serving: Alabama | Hours: M, W, Th 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. & T & F 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. | UMTS Staffs: Registered Nurses | Licensed Practical Nurses | National Certified Phlebotomy Instructors | Medical Laboratory Technicians | National Certification  | ACLS Certification | American Heart Association | AAPT/AMEDD (U.S. Armed Forces)

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