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Continuing Education is a mainstay within the medical field for Phlebotomists, MLA's and Technicians alike.  UMTS has made it easy to complete all of your professional development aspirations in one place!  If you're  a Phlebotomist that's interested enhancing your experience in the workplace, UMTS might be able to help you.  Take a look at our process flow chart for Certified Phlebotomy Technician/Medical Laboratory Assistant courses.  Registering and signing up for a course is easy:

First, fill out the UMTS registration form here.  Use the CEU link on that page to return here when your're done.

Click the assistant on the right and sign up for the Medical Laboratory Assistant Portal.  It's an assessment that will help us ascertain your abilities as a Phlebotomist and help us place you in the MLA Course in our online School. 

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Welcome to Volume I of UMTS' Online Course Series Catalog!

UMTS will feature new CEU Courses periodically so be sure to come back soon!

In the meantime, please take a look around and try one of our online courses! 

Ultimate Continuing Education Bundle for Phlebotomy:

Continuing Education is a mainstay within the medical field for Phlebotomists, MLA's and Technicians alike.  UMTS has made it easy to complete all of your CE requirements in one place!  Featuring an eight (8) Credit Course, Students will study and learn from high quality multimedia presentations about a wide spectrum of topics from infection control to patient interaction to occupational safety!  There are simple lessons that you can learn in this lesson that will change what you think you know about many aspects of the workplace.  This CEU is a must have for the professionals of the modern workplace.




UMTS' Online Learning Center is your one-stop-shop for all of your continuing education and professional development aspirations!  Remember, it's very important that a valid & correct email address is submitted.  

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