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Welcome to the Universal Medical Training Services Payment Options information page.  We are commited to Professional Development through Post Secondary Education. Our goal is to provide the very best in Allied Health Care, Mobile Phlebotomy Services and Educational Services.   We encourage you to read all of the information that UMTS has made available to you.  We want you, our valued customer, to be satisfied.  Here is a list of our services:


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Educational Services

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Phlebotomy Draw Stations...

A neat Phlebotomy Draw Station is critical to a Phlebotomists work...






In as little as three months, you could be in-demand, working in the medical field armed with the modern techniques you need to succeed.  UMTS’ Patient Care Technician & Phlebotomy Technician course are divided into four sessions.  The ten-twelve week courses are not the same as the self-paced Phlebotomy workshops.  The curriculum provides initial education for both Patient Care, Phlebotomy Technicians and other current or prospective healthcare professionals preparing for the either of the respective certification exams.  The course is tailored to adult learning styles and promotes retention of key concepts through interactive lectures, multimedia presentations, group discussions and activities and hands on lab practice.  Students who successfully complete the curriculum will be eligible to sit for the National Certification Phlebotomy Technician Exam (CPT) at the end of the course. 


Group of Phlebotomists in training...

Patient Care Technician 

§ Certified Nurse Aide

§ Phlebotomy

§ EKG technician

§ Office administration

§ Basic life support

§ All wrapped up in one!

Phlebotomy Technician

§ Lectures, demonstrations, mannequins

§ Hands-on practice

§ Mandatory online review for Pre-Certification Exam hones your skills

§ Live draws

§ AAPT National Certification Exam administered on-site

§ Laboratory Technician

§ Blood draw, Blood work & Blood Screening

§ Get in demand!  You can becom certified in three months

PCT/CPT Programs

PCT/CPT Programs

PCT/CPT Certified Course Materials 

PCT/CPT Course Materials


Recommended Textbook 


Phlebotomy workshops are currently scheduled by appointment only due to the overwhelming response to our other valuable services. Please call us locally at (205) 742-9443 or nationally at (877) 919-8077 for availability. Thank you in advance for your patience and your patronage!


     Mobile Services  

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Mobile Transportaion Vehicle...

Phlebotomists on demand. We help doctors reach their patients...

Group of Medical Professionals.

Corporate Group Training

Invest in your staff’s potential! Have your staff trained to draw blood properly, right where they work! Help equip your employees with the necessary skills to be ahead of the curve and your competition.

•Review the latest guidelines in the field of Phlebotomy

•Interactive exercises help enhance individual work ethics

•Flexible workshops can be held onsite at your location

•Workshops are developed to meet the needs of your staff

•Mandatory online pre-Certification exam guarantees results

•AAPT National Certification exam is conveniently integrated within the lesson

UMTS works with Insurance Companies and their clients to provide accurate and timely medical information needed to issue your requested policy.

We provide Insurance agents with paramedical services in the State of Alabama. Mobile Insurance Examination Services include:

•Confidential drug testing

•APS - Applications Process Services

•Background Checks

•Specimen Collections

•Physical Examinations

Flexibility is a tenet of our business model. Contact us for more information.


Professiona Mobile Phlebotomy Services 

Professional Mobile Phlebotomy Services Options

Phlebotomist On-Demand (fuel surcharge separate)

   Phlebotomy Draw on demand...


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 Nutritional Lifestyles

 Nutritional Lifestyle Options


Simple Meal... Complex Meal... Meal, Gathering...

Nutritional Lifestyle Options are hosted and catered events that teach either individuals or groups about the benefits of eating for living. 

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Advanced •




Data Entry,


Office Administration,




Cyber Learning Center by Digital Conundrum



Basic/Advanced Computer Programs 



BCC/ACC Programs




Digital Print Services:

• Get the work out: 

Customize & personalize your flyers, advertisements, yard sales, “FOR SALE” and many more…

• Stationery:

From labels, to envelopes to custom letterheads, order what you need!

• Cost-effective, friendly service…guaranteed









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